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Current market forces have changed the technology development focus.
Getting the most out of your current designs has taken precedent over the competitive time-to-market technology leaps of the recent past.

The team at North East Systems Associates, Inc. (NESA) has been engineering solutions for over 30 years by addressing the economic and technological needs of our clients. Our solutions are based on a thorough and complete understanding of signal integrity interconnect fundamentals and their application in design.

NESA's staff members are experts in risk reduction, helping clients meet their design, business and schedule goals. We have the experience and knowledge required to turn difficult design challenges into cost effective, timely solutions. Please see NESA Services for specific details.

  • NESA engineers augment your current design staff without the cost burden of employment or training.
  • NESA engineers are design experts, able to extend and upgrade the performance of your legacy designs.
  • NESA is a technology gateway, bringing our breadth of experience and relationships to bear on your design needs.
  • NESA's reputation is based on our clients' successes - we are accurate, timely, cost-effective and stand behind our analyses and designs 100%.



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