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Signal Integrity industry visionary Ed Sayre to convey the design principals essential for next generation 40 Gbps backplane designs in a new series of educational seminars

North East Systems Associates (NESA), experts in backplane signal integrity design, today announced a series of state of the art “Right by Design” seminars in Santa Clara, Ca for engineers of 40Gbps applications. Beginning September 25th at the Santa Clara Marriott, the NESA “Right by Design” Seminars are designed to address the evolving technical needs for simulation, verification, design and planning of next generation backplane and midplane products running at 40Gpbs.

The Right by Design Program was created to promote ease of design and shortened design time cycles for electrical engineers. The program highlights areas of focus for signal integrity professionals in need of basic and advanced physical principles essential for understanding transmission lines, connectors, and how they relate to signal integrity and crosstalk effects.

The study of next generation signal integrity technical requirements for interconnects, active and passive performance, power distribution, schematic capture, layout, routing support, and custom design scenarios will be the focus for high performance backplane and midplane products running at 40Gbps.

“The study of advanced signal integrity theory and phenomena is needed to understand multi-gigabit design problems,” said Ed Sayre, President and CEO of NESA. “For over 35 years, we have been on the forefront of enhancing signal integrity designs for leading companies all over the world. We have now created the Right by Design technical seminars to help design stage engineers overcome any signal integrity challenge.”

The series of Santa Clara seminars is kicked off on September 25 at the Santa Clara Marriott and Oct 22-23 during Open Server Summit at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
If registration exceeds capacity, designers will be given priority on a first-come, first-registered basis.  Register for this event.

Sign up for the 40G September 25th Seminar



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