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NESA is an engineering design firm focused exclusively at the leading edge of signal integrity and platform design. Our specialty is high-speed gigabit interconnects and the control of signal reflections, distortions and deteriorations that occur on high speed lines, particularly in telecommunications and networking applications. NESA is a Gigabit technology gateway, with leading edge technical personnel and design resources. Working as an extension of a client's engineering staff or as project consultants, NESA engineers can design your new system or extend the capabilities of your present product.

At NESA, our sole business is helping our clients succeed through proper application of technology. We offer a comprehensive engineering approach that integrates design, simulation, test and development services for complete system platforms, high-speed interconnects, and subsystems. Whether we provide an unbiased evaluation of a client's design, help to solve a difficult thermal, power, or signal integrity engineering problem, or develop a system from concept to fabrication, our goal is to help your team meet all your objectives: design performance, time-to-market, and cost effectiveness.

Right by Design - Reduce Time to Market, Minimize Risk and Maximize ROI

A Summary of NESA's Services Include:

  • Signal Integrity and Interconnect Performance Analyses
  • Backplane and Midplane Designs
  • Reference Designs for Semiconductors
  • Interconnect Modeling and Characterization
  • Signal Integrity and Platform Design Seminars.
  • Test Fixture Designs
  • ATCA and mAMC card designs
  • System Interconnect and Power Architecture Design
  • Schematic Capture and Architecture Design
  • Regulatory Compliance Design, Remediation and Test Range Support
  • Support for Layout and Routing of High Performance Backplanes
  • Backplane Fabrication and Assembly Management

Specific information about NESA services can be found in the following areas:

Design for Signal Integrity of High Performance Interconnects

Reference Design for Semiconductors and Interconnects

EMI and Regulatory Engineering



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