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EMI and Regulatory Engineering

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NESA engineers always implement good EMI design practices. Our "Right by Design" principle means that the appropriate regulatory requirements are part of your design from the start, avoiding costly corrections later. We help your system designs satisfy the requirements of FCC part 15, CISPR 22, IEC801 all parts, CE mark and other international regulatory standards by providing engineering support during the architectural definition, logic design, mechanical design, backplane design and card layout.

NESA engineers can also assist with post-design regulatory analysis and fixes. A careful assessment of your manufacturing, inventory, engineering and product requirements and cost flexibilities is made prior to recommending a solution. NESA engineers have completed engineering EMI/EMC fixes on over 50 systems for computer, networking and telecommunications clients.

EMI/EMC Support Provided by NESA engineers includes:

  • Implement appropriate EMI design practices for all projects
  • Conduct EMC design reviews of logic and system physical design
  • Provide detailed recommendations and solutions to solve regulatory compliance design issues;
  • Accompany client's equipment through EMC testing
  • Provide on-site support, configuration assistance and EMC fixes
  • Monitor the EMC lab procedures, site quality and test reporting
  • Design Reviews

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