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NESA, Inc. has been in the business of high performance engineering and design since 1973. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies, emerging technology start-ups, education and research institutions. Reflecting the growing integration of the marketplace, we have an international client base. The majority of our new clients come to us as referrals from existing clients. Our reputation is one of providing engineering support of the highest caliber in a most cost efficient manner. We assist our clients by minimizing product risks and maximizing product revenues.

Electrical and Electro-Mechanical Design Experience Examples

  • Design of NEBS compliant, carrier class enclosure and power distribution system.
  • Terabit router backplane and interconnect design.
  • Design of low cost Gigabit Copper Cable Fibre Channel Equalizers.
  • Design of a full doubly redundant interleaved, multi-drop system bus for a high throughput 6.2 Gbit network switch.
  • BUS LVDS (BLVDS) signal integrity design and application engineering for BLVDS backplane applications for 100 MHz operation.
  • Synchronous memory bus design and simulation with speeds exceeding 83 MHz.
  • Design and simulation of high clock rate system(+ 155 MHz) using ASIC based GTL technology.
  • Simulation, prototype build and measurement of LVDS bus with an effective throughput of 350MHz.
  • Design and simulation of a high speed differential interconnect with data rates ranging from 155Mbps to over 1.5Gbps.
  • Characterization of a differential connector, designed to pass data at 2.5 Gbps - Included impedance, transmission and crosstalk measurements and "at speed" bit data testing, eye patterns for simulations and measurements.
  • High performance ATM system packaging and interconnect design for a family of ATM access products, as well as similar design work for ATM switch products.
  • Redundant, Hot Swap 100GB SCSI-2 backplane, enclosure, cooling and power design for prototype manufacture.
  • Enclosure and power distribution designs for a family of three ATM access products.
  • High availability PC Platform - low cost, high performance and reliability.
  • Mechanical and electrical packaging design of industrial controller for leading controls manufacturer.
  • Signal integrity and mechanical design of hot swap backplane and I/O subsystem for redundant fault-tolerant isolated cross-bar switch.
  • Analyzed EMC failure, provided recommendations and assisted implementation of corrective solutions for a high-volume product failing CE mark. Resulted in on-time shipment of millions of dollars in waiting inventory.
  • NESA engineers have completed engineering EMI/EMC fixes on over 50 systems for computer, networking, and telecommunications clients.
  • NESA designed Digital Equipment Corporation's anechoic chamber facility in Salem, New Hampshire. The facility is highly utilized and one of the most respected sites in the high-tech industry.



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