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Design for Signal Integrity of High Performance Interconnects

NESA specializes in the design and development of high-speed busses and backplanes. Our "Right by Design”sm philosophy helps ensure high performance and product success by building in design analysis and simulation techniques right from the concept stage. We investigate architecture, semiconductor, interconnect and topology alternatives before significant design choices, schematics and layout begin. NESA uses proprietary Method of Moments and FTDT electromagnetic field solvers coupled with SPICE, IBIS and other circuit simulation techniques to mitigate the design risks throughout your project.

Signal Integrity Services:

  • 40 Gigabit ATCA and Custom Backplane
  • Gigabit crossbar I/O evolutions for PCI-E, Infiniband, ATCA and SONET applications across system interconnects
  • DDR, DDR-2 and DDR-3 memory bus designs and evaluations
  • Gigabit passive pre-emphasis and bandwidth optimization
  • Technology demonstration system design for Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, M-LVDS, CMOS LVDS, CML, ECC, FECL, etc.
  • Copper and Optical SFC, GBIC, SFP and XENPAC Designs
  • Gigabit scope fixtures for backplanes and logic cards
  • Technology analysis and EMC design reviews

Semiconductor and Interconnect Reference Designs

NESA serves an important role as an industry expert providing independent third-party analysis of semiconductor products and interconnect devices. Our design evaluations help client companies prepare new products for market, identify strategies for quick market penetration, and select the most suitable features for future design improvements. NESA engineering teams can characterize and document realistic performance levels and application details for semiconductor and interconnect products through detailed signal integrity simulations and measurement studies. NESA design clients also benefit from our in-depth knowledge of key system components and our close technical affiliations.

Reference Design Services:

  • Third-party expert independent performance evaluations
  • Custom testing to demonstrate performance and application standards
  • Connector and cable performance characterization
  • Creation of HSPICE-compatible circuit descriptions
  • Verification of parameters using NESA fully instrumented 10 Gigabit signal integrity lab instrumentation
  • Documented analysis for vendors, developers and end-users

Test Fixture Design

NESA offers a single-source for the design of signal integrity test fixtures. Test fixtures are available for analysis of backplanes, semiconductor devices and logic cards as well as debug and fault isolation due to interconnects.

Test Fixture Services:

  • Active and passive test fixtures are available from F9 Systems (, NESA’s multi-Gigabit measurement fixture product partner company.
  • Custom active and passive PCB and Cable test fixtures can be designed to meet your performance specifications.
  • Perform analyses of ATCA and MicroTCA designs.
  • Perform analysis of designs that use protocols such as Infiniband, Fibre Channel, XAUI, PCI-Express and Advanced Switching Interconnect.
  • Perform measurement analyses such as TDR, impedance, transmission, coupled Near End Crosstalk (NEXT), Far End Crosstalk (FEXT), Skew and Propagation Delay.

Professional Seminars

NESA offers professional level seminars of one to four days' duration that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Seminars Include:

  • The "Right by Design"sm am seminar series including 40 Gigabit System Interconnects
  • Introduction to Digital System Signal Integrity and High Speed Design
  • Advanced Interconnect Engineering, Semiconductor Packaging and SPICE Simulation
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Compliance Engineering for High Performance Designs
  • Power Quality and Computer Grade Power Systems Installation



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