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Experts in High-Performance Engineering & Design

For more than thirty-five years, NESA has provided clients with premier engineering and design services, but our real value is reducing the risks of integrating advanced technology and increasing a client's return on investment. Our business is built on the idea that successful products are "Right by Design"sm. High performance begins with a comprehensive approach to engineering that mitigates risk and offers the greatest chance for market success. Drawing on extensive experience with backplane and platform design, NESA has the proven ability to quickly turn design challenges into cost-effective solutions for clients. We deliver fast-turnaround engineering services to ensure that your product is not just first to market...but best to market.

NESA Services Include

  • Signal Integrity Design - Simulation and Measurement Verification of Interconnect, Backplane and Midplane performance.
  • Semiconductor Reference Designs - For Internal Product Verification, Planning and Technical Support for Sales
  • Interconnect Characterization - For Internal Product Verification, Planning and Technical Support for Sales
  • Technical Seminars - The "Right by Design"sm seminar series is designed to meet evolving technology needs, Seminars can be customized to meet your staff's educational and technology requirements
  • Active and Passive high performance Gigabit scope fixture designs for backplanes and logic cards
  • Power Distribution - Performed in Conjunction with the System and Platform Design
  • Schematic Capture - In Support of Electrical Designs
  • Layout and Routing Support - Detailed Stack-up and Design Rules are Provided to your chosen Design Bureau


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