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Design for Signal Integrity of High Performance Interconnects

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NESA specializes in the design and development of high-speed busses and backplanes. Our "Right by Design”sm philosophy helps ensure high performance and product success by building in design analysis and simulation techniques right from the concept stage. We investigate architecture, semiconductor, interconnect and topology alternatives before significant design choices, schematics and layout begin. NESA uses proprietary Method of Moments and FTDT electromagnetic field solvers coupled with SPICE, IBIS and other circuit simulation techniques to mitigate the design risks throughout your project.

Signal Integrity Services:

  • Gigabit crossbar I/O evolutions for PCI-E, Infiniband, ATCA and SONET applications across system interconnects
  • DDR, DDR-2 memory SI designs and evaluations
  • Gigabit pre-emphasis and bandwidth optimization
  • Technology demonstration system design for Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, M-LVDS, CMOS LVDS, CML, ECC, FECL, etc.
  • Copper GBIC, SFP and XENPAC Designs
  • Gigabit scope fixtures for backplanes and logic cards
  • Technology analysis and design reviews

Examples of NESA's electrical design process and expertise



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