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Reference Design for Semiconductors and Interconnects

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NESA serves an important role as an industry expert providing independent third-party analysis of semiconductor products and interconnect devices. Our design evaluations help client companies prepare new products for market, identify strategies for quick market penetration, and select the most suitable features for future design improvements. NESA engineering teams can characterize and document realistic performance levels and application details for semiconductor and interconnect products through detailed signal integrity simulations and measurement studies. NESA design clients also benefit from our in-depth knowledge of key system components and our close technical affiliations.

Reference design engineering provided by NESA engineers includes:

  • Third-party expert evaluation
  • Custom testing to demonstrate performance and application standards
  • Connector and cable characterizations
  • Creation of HSPICE-compatible circuit descriptions
  • Verification of parameters using NESA virtual signal integrity lab and measurements
  • Documented analysis of semiconductor, connector or cable for use by vendors, developers and end-users
  • Design reviews of existing and future product directions

Examples of NESA's Reference Design and Interconnect Characterization design process and expertise:

Examples of NESA's Design Experience



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