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A Signal Integrity Revolution in Surface Mount Backplane Connectors and SPICE/S-Parameter Extraction Methodology ($ 15.00 per copy)

Semiconductor Package Power Integrity Fundamentals ($ 15.00 per copy)

Case Study Power Integrity Study for Cisco Die, Package, PWB Co-Design ($ 15.00 per copy)

Case Study High End Package Power, Ground Analysis and Methodology ($ 15.00 per copy)

DDR-II SDRAM Technology and Design Trends ($ 15.00 per copy)

Optimized Passive Infiniband Cable Equalizer Designs ($ 15.00 per copy)

Motorola WarpLink Reference Design Platform ($ 15.00 per copy)

OC-48/2.5 Gbps Interconnect Engineering Design Rules ($ 15.00 per copy)

Thoughts & Observations about FR-4 Losses in High Speed Designs ($ 15.00 per copy)

Signal Integrity & Validation of National\'s Bus LVDS \(BLVDS\) Technology in Heavily Loaded Backplanes ($ 15.00 per copy)

The Technology and Design of Gigabit Interconnects for Network and Communication Systems ($ 15.00 per copy)

Design of Gigabit Copper Fiber Channel Equalized Cabling ($ 15.00 per copy)

A Distributed Termination Scheme for GTL+ Backplane Bus Designs ($ 15.00 per copy)

Specification and Characterization of a Multi-GigaHertz Differential Backplane Connector ($ 15.00 per copy)

Timing Requirements and Analysis of an SDRAM Main Memory Design Utilizing Dual Inline Memory Modules \(DIMM\'s\) ($ 15.00 per copy)

Development of a New Transmission Line Skin Effect Model for SPICE Evaluations - Simulations and Measurements ($ 15.00 per copy)

MCM Compute Node Thermal Failure - Design or Test Problem? ($ 15.00 per copy)

Closing the High Speed Signal Integrity Design Loop - The Design, Simulation, and Characterization of a QuickRing Backplane System ($ 15.00 per copy)

Bussed Clock Architectures for High Performance, Robust ATM Design Applications ($ 15.00 per copy)

Simplifying FutureBus Backplane Impedance Predictions and Simulating FutureBus Performance ($ 15.00 per copy)

Infiniband and the limits of FR-4 ($ 15.00 per copy)

Signal Integrity Solutions for a High Speed GTLP Backplane ($ 15.00 per copy)

A Baker\'s Dozen of High-Speed Differential Backplane Design Tips ($ 15.00 per copy)




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