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Signal Integrity Fundamentals for Digital Design

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A One Day Seminar


Course Description:

This seminar covers digital system signal integrity principles and measurement of high speed VLSI packages, printed wiring boards, backplanes, cables connectors and other interconnect components. The course shows how the use of a TDR digital oscilloscope, such as the H-P 54120, can determine impedance profiles (ordinary and differential), time domain transmission properties and crosstalk properties of printed circuit boards and high speed interconnects. Packaging and fixturing effects on device characterization will be discussed as well.

Course Objective:

To provide state-of-the-art theory, and measurement techniques of digital system signal integrity engineering as they affect system performance, system design, simulation and manufactured costs. Application of course materials will result in lower risk designs and manufactured costs of interconnect and PCB components. Discussion of participant designs is expected.

Who Should Attend:

  • Engineers designing high performance digital systems (FutureBus , ECL and fast CMOS), video and cache memory, processor and computer system test engineers.
  • Bus and backplane architects and designers. Semiconductor packaging and interconnect characterization and component engineers.
  • Fine line and SMT printed circuit layout, manufacturing and printed circuit board designers and QC test engineers and technicians.


Course Topics:

  • Review of classical transmission line impedance, propagation delay and crosstalk. Theory will be applied to printed circuit board impedance, propagation delay and crosstalk measurement and prediction tools.
  • Introduction to Time Domain Signal Integrity measurements and test case design. TDR theory - ordinary and differential, Time Domain Transmission (TDT's) and Crosstalk theory and measurements will be covered.
  • Principles and test case design for the TDR, TDT and crosstalk characterization of VLSI semiconductor packaging. An example of a SPICE simulation of a VLSI PGA package is given.
  • Signal Integrity CAD system design rule and specification. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) resistant design principles for VDE and CISPR emissions compliance of high speed digital systems.



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