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Signal Integrity Principles for Semiconductor Packaging, Printed Wiring Boards, Connectors and Cabling

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A Three Day Seminar

Course Description:

This seminar provides a comprehensive educational experience in the principles of signal integrity engineering as it applies to semiconductor packaging, printed wiring board, cable and connector electrical performance. Time domain transmission line theory will be discussed, including reflections, signal transmission, bus termination techniques and crosstalk in PC boards and discrete elements. The seminar will also cover an introduction to crosstalk theory in transmission lines and coupled discrete elements. analysis and testing of semiconductor packages, cables, connectors and printed wiring boards. SPICE simulation of test articles will be detailed to show the verification of the testing demonstrating the validity of the electrical element values extracted from the measurement data. Lastly, CAD based issues will be discussed. Following the lecture portion of the seminar, students will participate in a discussion session covering design topics of interest in the current high speed design environment.

Course Objective:

To provide state-of-the-art signal integrity theory and measurement techniques for semiconductor packaging, printed wiring board, cable and connectors as they relate to the design of digital systems. Application of course material will result in lower risk designs and manufactured costs of systems.

Who Should Attend:

  • Semiconductor application engineers, logic designers and architects designing and testing high performance digital systems. Bus and backplane architects and designers.
  • Semiconductor packaging and interconnect characterization and component engineers.
  • Fine line and SMT printed circuit layout, manufacturing and printed circuit board designers, quality control test engineers and technicians.

Course Curriculum:

Day 1 - Part 1: Introduction and Overview of Interconnect Technology:

Review of current VLSI semiconductor packaging designs and applications including electrical signal considerations - PGA vs. SMT, materials and internal construction.

Review of current state-of-the-art in Printed Wiring Boards and backplanes including materials, construction methods, electrical and signal considerations.

Review of backplane connectors including materials, construction methods, electrical and signal considerations. Topics will include the FutureBus+ and HD+ family of connectors impedance, transmission and crosstalk properties.

Review of the principles of high performance cables including materials, construction methods, electrical and signal considerations. Topics will include cable and connector impedance, transmission and crosstalk properties.


Day 2 - Part 1: Principles of Signal Integrity Engineering:

Review of Transmission Line Theory

  • Lossless transmission lines
  • Resistive and non-ideal terminations
  • Lumped parasitic elements in a transmission line environment
  • Lossy lines
  • On-chip metalization as a transmission line medium
  • Electrical scaling laws for distributed and lumped constant systems - theory vs. empirical observations.

Analysis of distributed and discrete crosstalk

  • Properties of crosstalk characterization and crosstalk coefficients
  • Scaling laws for crosstalk
  • Common mode crosstalk and simultaneous switching analysis

Review of pertinent semi-conductor theory, technologies and principles.

  • Bi-polar ECL and CMOS SPICE device models. Emphasis will be on devices designed for Bus driving.

Circuit theory analysis of a simple point to point interconnect.

  • Introduction to SPICE simulation of digital interconnect circuitry
  • Bus loading and fan out considerations.

Bypass and bulk storage problems in high speed design involving fast edge rate Bi-polar, Bi-CMOS and CMOS designs.


Day 2 - Part 2: Printed Circuit Impedance and Propagation Delay Prediction Models:

Classical formulas for impedance and propagation delay. Limitation in the use of these formulas.

Overview of numerical methods of field theory to predict capacitance inductance, impedance, propagation delay and crosstalk in coupled signal traces.

Discussion of the effects of material dimensions and homogeneity, dielectric constant, line dimensions in printed wiring board design. Losses in interconnect systems.


Day 3 - Part 1: Introduction to Time Domain Reflectometry, Transmission and Crosstalk Testing:

Printed wiring board measurement of impedance, propagation delay, risetime bandwidth, forward and backward crosstalk.

Differential impedance theory and experimental measurements. Test objects include printed wiring board and cable assemblies.

Design of printed wiring board, connector and cable evaluation technology evaluation test cases.

Day 3 - Part 2: Detailed Analysis of Semi-Conductor Package Using Time Domain Measurements:

Construction of typical semiconductor packages

Test case design for the characterization of a semiconductor package

Discussion of the impedance, transmission and crosstalk measurements

Simulation of simultaneous switching effects

Analysis of package measurements to extract equivalent circuit elements

SPICE simulation of direct package path. Comparison of simulations and measurements.


Day 3 - Part 3: EMI Effects in Digital Systems:

The role of signal integrity in improving EMI performance

Design principles for power distribution, cable termination, etc.

EMI testing review - FCC, VDE compliance


Day 3 - Part 4: Summary and Open Class Discussion:

Design rule development for signal integrity in the CAD environment

Real life bus topologies - FutureBus+, multi-drop stub lengths controlled risetime drivers, connector crosstalk effects.

Correlation of TDR, TDT and crosstalk measurements to reality



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